Plant Extraction,
Herbal Essential Oil CO2 & Solvent Extraction Machine

Plant extraction

What is plant extraction?

Plant extraction refers to the use of physical, chemical, and biochemical principles and methods to isolate the effective ingredients from plants with high purity without destroying the structure and function of the effective ingredients.
There are approximately 500,000 higher plant species in the world, of which approximately 70,000 species are used for the production of plant-based medicines. Although there are many different applications like the active ingredients of vegetables, they all have one common feature: they are extremely sensitive substances and must be extracted through gentle biotechnological processes.

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Plant extraction technology

In recent years, the fast-developing plant extraction technologies include supercritical fluid extraction, ultrasonic extraction, wave dissolution and microwave-assisted extraction, high-speed countercurrent chromatography, solid phase extraction, solid phase microextraction, enzymatic extraction and semi-bionic extraction, and liquid membrane extraction. , Fast solvent extraction, etc. Especially in order to solve the adverse effects of solvents in traditional analysis, solvent-free or solvent-less sample extraction methods have developed rapidly.

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Plant extraction laboratory
CO2 plant extraction equipment

Plant extraction equipment

Plant extraction equipment, also known as extractor, is a type of mass transfer equipment used for extraction operations. It can make good contact between the extractant and the material liquid and realize the perfect separation of the components contained in the material liquid.

Extraction machine is applied in the plant extraction industry for extracting herbal essential oils, oleoresins, aromas, natural extracts, proteins, and active compounds from nature plants or herbs.

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