Plant Extraction Method and Technology

Due to the diversity of plant raw materials and the complexity of the extract components, the extraction methods involved are diverse. In summary, according to the order of formation and the universal degree of application, it can be divided into traditional plant extraction methods and modern plant extraction methods.

Traditional plant extraction method

The traditional extraction method refers to the general extraction method that appeared earlier, the technology is more mature, and has been widely used. Traditional extraction methods often do not require special equipment, so their applications are more common. Traditional extraction methods mainly include pressing method, extraction method, precipitation separation method, membrane separation method, distillation method, ion exchange method, evaporation and crystallization, etc.

Modern plant extraction methods

Modern extraction methods are extraction methods based on modern advanced instruments or newly developed. But whether it is the classic method or the modern method, they are both extraction technology and a unit operation in the extraction process.

Here we include a brief introduction to the basic operations and techniques of modern extraction methods for natural plant raw materials.

In recent years, the fast-developing extraction technologies include supercritical fluid extraction technology, ultrasonic extraction technology, wave-dissolving sample and microwave-assisted extraction technology, high-speed countercurrent chromatography technology, solid-phase extraction technology, solid-phase microextraction technology, enzymatic extraction and semi- Bionic extraction technology, liquid membrane extraction technology, fast solvent extraction technology, etc. Especially in order to solve the adverse effects of solvents in traditional analysis, solvent-free or solvent-less sample extraction methods have developed rapidly. .

6 Best Keys to Know the Supercritical CO2 Extraction Process 

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Liquid Membrane Extraction Technology

5 Important Points To Know Liquid Membrane Separation

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Enzyme Extraction Process

What is Enzymatic Extraction Technology and Process 

Enzyme extraction technology is a bioengineering technology.

In the production process of biochemical products, due to the complex composition of plant tissue, it is not conducive to the extraction and separation of active ingredients, so the use of biological enzymes has two following main purposes.

solid phase extraction

2022 Complete Guide: Solid Phase Extraction Technology

Solid phase extraction is an effective technique for cleaning up and concentrating samples, prior to HPLC or GC analysis.

The technique offers targeted selectivity for analytes of interest, versatility for a wide range of sample volumes, can be easily automated for high-throughput, and is performed by quick and simple methods ( load, wash, elute).